Marie Bungard

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My greatest desire is to teach others how much God loves them and how to use His Word to live the life He has purposed for them.In my home church I co-direct Worship and Music, play all keyboards, sing with the Worship Band and as a soloist.God has seen fit to give me the gift of teaching, which I use for leading 3 Bible Study groups.He specifically called me to writing/blogging about 5 years ago.I have been married to the perfect partner, chosen for me by God, for more than 40 years. It was God’s plan that we would not have children but would be able to love in a unique way our nieces, nephews, and the hundreds of children who touched our lives through the years I spent in Public Education as a Music Specialist and Elementary Principal.

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BCW Editor. On a constant quest to seek the one who fills this thirsty soul. A lover of God and seeker of wisdom and never too far from a good book.