Kindness like Confetti

Kindness What is kindness? The definition is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate or a kind act. Now, this could be many different things to certain people depending on your perspective, right? Maybe it’s giving a friend a call or text to see if they need anything. Perhaps, helping cook for someone who is […]

Mercies and More Renewed Every Morning

I love morning times, especially fall mornings when the weather is perfect and the fall leaves create a canvas of colors.  There is nothing like walking out first thing in the morning and taking in a deep breath to inhale in the freshness and newness that mornings represent.  Mornings also signify a new day…. a […]

Learning How to Handle an Untrustworthy Heart

Certain phrases just stick with you. These are the ones that you hear in a sermon or read in a book that just linger in your mind for days and even months after you first encounter them. “The heart is deceitful above all things     and beyond cure.     Who can understand it?” Jeremiah […]