How to do life properly

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Life Questions

One question:

How do you do it?

How do you do life, stay sane – and all with the right attitude?

Life does happen.

And there are days when for all our trying, nothing makes sense.

You’ve been obedient, and are on a path you honestly believe you’ve been called to, yet everything you touch falls apart.

Or maybe you’re still trying to find the path you should be on. Nothing ever falls into place – so how are you ever going to find that path?

May I remind you of the Way, the Truth and the Life (just in case you’ve forgotten).

It is possible to do life, stay sane – and all with the right attitude.

The right attitude, I’d like to suggest, is what keeps it all in balance, and helps us see in the perspectives we should be seeing.

Now we’d see the glass as half full, instead of half empty.

And we’d be thankful for the roses, rather than complain about the thorns.

So how do you do life, stay sane – and all with the right attitude?

The right attitude can only come by Truth.

After life happens, and after nothing makes sense, Truth remains.

So be careful what you let in your mind – because you are what you think.

There is the Way, the Truth and the Life – and all those who would do life properly know that this is the path they should be on.

Would everything start falling in place and stop falling apart? Probably.

Would you be ok anyway? As sure as the air you’re breathing now.

Because Truth is always true (regardless of if it makes sense or not).

But how would you know – except you’re doing life, staying sane – and all with the right attitude!

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