I Dare You

  When I look up the definition of surrender I find words like:  yield, abandon, give up oneself. Scary words to someone whose nature is control I need to be control.   My rein for control in life got worse after I graduatedcollege I was content with where I was in life I was living in complete […]

5 Ways to Encourage yourself in the Lord

Many times as humans we often find ourselves in a “rut”; one of discouragement. Many people, things and situations exist that have the ability to toy with our emotions – today, feeling great, tomorrow, not so much – but how do we get back up? “And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of […]


Summer is over.  The school year has started.  My house is quiet, too quiet if you ask me.   I am left alone with time to think, time to reflect.   For me, this was a summer of not enough.  There wasn’t enough of all the things you think summer should be.  We did our family vacation back […]

Overwhelmed Schedule – Underwhelmed Soul

This post is part of Lysa TerKeuret’s “The Best Yes” Blog Tour, which we are delighted to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To the woman with the overwhelmed schedule and the underwhelmed soul…if you are reading this right now…just breathe. Have you had days where your schedule seems so jam-packed […]

Pressing On

No matter what we face in our day and no matter what situations come our way, it is important to press on and move forward.  In our lives, we can sometimes get stuck in the same mindset and worries of life.  We can get really discouraged at times and get our eyes off of what […]