Use Your Gifts

  This verse found 1 Peter keeps running through my mind.  God has gifted each of us in our own unique way so that we might honor him.  We are told to use the gifts he has given us to serve others, to administer His grace to each other.  I must say, I just love this idea! I […]

October Sunday Share

It’s time again sisters for our monthly Sunday Share link up. The goal of the link up is for you to meet and mingle with new sisters in Christ  and hopefully find others to connect and support you on your blogging  journey. At times blogging can be a lonely journey. Are you still struggling to find […]

To My Single Sisters

I just wanted to share my testimony to encourage one single girl; from another single girl! I was dating a guy that I met on the internet. I trusted him because I met him on Christian Mingle and because he said was a Christian.  His dad is a pastor of a small Baptist church and […]


One of my favorite songs is I Bounce Back Every Time the Devil Knocks Me Down.  Oh what a powerful phrase!  But how many times have you been knocked down and felt like you would never get back up? Some time ago, the Lord gave me the awesome task of writing about being broken.  I […]

Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

There is an old adage that says, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  And while this may be true, our society has some pretty firm ideas on what should be considered beautiful and what is not beautiful; and it is not so much dependent on the beholder as much as it is on […]