They Don’t Need You…They Need ME

It was an ordinary day. I was pulling my hair up in a ponytail before going outside to play with my husband and children. And I felt it. A lump on the side of my neck. I remember panicking as my hand rubbed against it. That was all it took. I didn’t waste any time. […]

Restored and Renewed

The work God has recently been doing in my heart is two-fold: first in restoring and second in renewing. He reestablishes peace but does not stop there. Next is a renewal of my mind, encouraging me to live out an active love. As written in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but […]

When Hurricanes Hit and Flood Waters Rise, Watch Your F-Words

The statistics for 2017 Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are too overwhelming to completely understand: 132 mph winds over Texas for 200 miles 185 mph winds over Florida and Caribbean for 790 miles 51.0 inches/19 trillion gallons rain in TX, 5.5 trillion gallons in Louisiana from Harvey 10 trillion gallons rain from Irma 336,000 people in […]

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Course

Interested in learning to podcast, improving your writing skills, being a better homemaker, or creating catchy graphics…regardless of your interest, odds are there’s a course for that. Online courses and ebooks are quite popular. Gone are the days when you needed to enroll in a class at the local university to explore your creative interests. […]

Faith vs. Fear: Is It Worth The Fight?

“Most people base their entire life on what they are afraid of” That quote has stuck in my mind through the years. I mean think about it. Can it really be true? I believe it can.. Often I ask myself if I am living a life based on faith or fear. Fear causes me to […]