How to Find a Husband with God’s Help

Red rose petals strewn across a white marble floor, the sound of your stilettos, violinists playing the Bridal Chorus, the chocolate waterfall machine emitting heavenly scents . . . STOP! What’s missing? Oh yeah, you haven’t worked out the details on how to find a husband. While visions of sublime happiness revolve inside your head, […]

What Are You Carrying?

My three-year-old loves babies. And they are all named…Baby. Not too long ago she loaded them all up in her stroller and buggy, plus a couple hanging limply under her arms and headed downstairs. That was all routine for us. But this time, in her right hand she also had a baby carrier….without a baby. […]

For the Single and Discouraged

What happens when you feel stuck in the insecurity and loneliness that comes with living a single life? What do you do when rejection gets in the way of truly giving yourself to God? In her book, Savoring Single, Shelley Black points toward biblical truths that pull you out of discouragement and propel you into living […]

Finding Hope and Patience in Affliction

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. (Romans 12 v 12) Is it possible to have patience in the midst of affliction? No matter the cause of that affliction, no one wants to stay in a state of pain or distress or turmoil. Our immediate response in any traumatic event is to want it […]

How to Eliminate Secret Sins of the Heart

Indulging in secret sins of the heart is comparable to touching a sore tooth with your tongue to eliminate pain. We return to the source of pain, time and again, without finding a viable solution to stop the root cause of discomfort. Christians are especially accountable to God for committing sins that non-believers also engage […]