The Next Big Thing [Guest Post by Meghan]

Meghan from Just as I am has graciously offered to write a little for us today. She’s a young girl with a big heart for Jesus. Listen to some of her story with us… Why is it, do you think, that we as women are constantly looking around the corner to the Next Big Thing? Maybe for […]

Marriage: The Work [Guest Post by Charity]

This is part of a series by Charity from The Word of a Nerd. Read the first post on singleness here and the previous posts on marriage here and here.   Marriage is often painted by the media as a constant state of bliss, and when someone’s marriage is contrary to this, they are ready to divorce. What the media doesn’t […]

God’s Providence [Guest Post by Chelsea]

This is Chelsea from Anchors Aweigh! She’s a delightful gal and wife to her Naval officer husband. Read about her views on providence with us. Providence is this: the foreseeing care and guidance of God over us. We don’t hear the term providence a lot; instead we hear coincidences. Providence is God-given coincidence. I honestly […]

Featuring [Good Neighbor Garage]

It’s so important to give what God has blessed us with to charity. At BCW we love to feature great charities. Welcome Megan from Good Neighbor Garage, a charity for car donations.  The Benefits of Donating Your Used Car to Charity When you have decided to purchase a new car, you have to figure out […]

By Faith [Guest Post by Kimberly]

Say hi to Kimberly from Girl Made Lovely By Sorrow. A woman, a mother, with a way with inspiring words.  The Chapter of Hebrews 11 talks of those who, by faith, let God use them to do amazing things.  Faith for me on had been reduced to the size of a mustard seed for certain.  […]