Why does God love you?

There is a song by Kirk Franklin called “Love.” Among identifying many Biblical descriptions of the word, the lyrics also include the exclamation, “I’ll never know why You love me.” I think this is a common question for Christians. It’s significantly easier to identify the answer to the opposite, to why we love Him. There […]

From Barrenness to Living Streams

When I entered the barren land, suddenly, my husband began gasping for breath. Leon muttered a faint sound and then fell over backward. Do I detect a faint heartbeat? I thought Oh God, let my beloved live, I prayed in my heart. I stole a glance at my watch as the minutes slowly ticked by. […]

Faith Talks at the Hair Salon

I take chances with my haircuts. There is a Paul Mitchell School in my town where you can get a shampoo, haircut, dry and style for under $20. Occasionally they even run $10 specials! Some student stylists are slow and timid, new to their craft, while others have logged hours of practice and need little […]

How To See the Heart of Others

Since my children were born, there has been a list of things I have prayed for them. To be protected. To know how special they are and how very much they are loved. To find good friends who will stand by them. To have their hearts and minds guarded from the things of this world. […]

The Waiting Game

Waiting on God We do not like to wait. I want everything instantly and now! Instant gratification. The internet is faster, texting is fast, cars drive faster and shipping packages are fast. Our minds are thinking everything is now and waiting is not an option. The same thing when we pray. We want our prayers […]