Wealth from Generosity

It is human nature to save, to store up, to set aside. This is especially true when that which we are saving is of small quantity and when we do not know when we will have another opportunity to replenish our stock. The Student Struggle I am a college student. Well, now I am a […]

The Gift of Second Sight

“You have second sight,” my eye doctor said. I was worried my glasses were not the right prescription as I could see better far away without them. “What is that?” I asked, curious but relieved. “Some people experience improved vision during the early stages of cataract development. The lens clouding, normal part of aging, puts […]

Laying Down Your Life

I want to be the winner. My son is 4, and that is something that has frequently come out of his mouth. He loves to win, he wants to be first. We have had to gently talk to him about what winning truly looks like. Crossing the finish line first may mean that you were […]

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Course

Interested in learning to podcast, improving your writing skills, being a better homemaker, or creating catchy graphics…regardless of your interest, odds are there’s a course for that. Online courses and ebooks are quite popular. Gone are the days when you needed to enroll in a class at the local university to explore your creative interests. […]