It’s Never Too Late To Achieve our Goals

It is never too late to achieve our goals in life. People like Moses, Caleb, Ruth, Abraham, Rahab in the Bible did reach their heights at an old age or despite difficult circumstances surrounding their lives. What Happens While We Wait To Achieve Our Goals Waiting on God for an answer can be hard and […]

Will You Still Wait?

Several days ago, I was locked out my apartment building. It was raining hard outside and I rushed out the door because I had to drop something off at the leasing office. I left my keys because I always just run across the street there and I never stay long. Forgetting the glass door to […]

5 Things to Help Us Work Through Conflict

As I was brushing my kindergartner’s hair before school yesterday, we got to a tough tangle, which we regularly do. It is usually a scene of her tears and me asking her to hold her head still and sprays of detangler until the brush finally slides freely to the ends of her hair. But this […]

Get Featured in Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to start thinking about the holidays. If you are a Christian based business or have products that are geared toward our audience and would like to be considered for inclusion in our upcoming holiday gift guide, please see details below: Get featured in the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide With more and more families, […]

What Are You Passing On?

I recently wrote in a blog post: “What we don’t handle today, will need to be dealt with in the future.” And I have not been able to get this phrase out of my head since. We see this played out in many characters throughout the Bible like David and Solomon. We see this in […]