Beyond Tinsels & Trees

This time of year, there are customary activities I like to do even though there is a wee bit of dread of the hassle and extra messiness. Getting someone to drag down all my Christmas decorations from the attic and getting them sprawl out, I ask myself is it worth the extra trouble. This year […]

October Sunday Share

It’s time again sisters for our monthly Sunday Share link up. The goal of the link up is for you to meet and mingle with new sisters in Christ  and hopefully find others to connect and support you on your blogging  journey. At times blogging can be a lonely journey. Are you still struggling to find […]

Author Chat and Giveaway with Alisa Hope Wagner

Ladies, I’m so excited to introduce you to a fellow Christian women blogger whose blog I have been following for a few years now.  I have always loved her writing style and her unique way of pulling spiritual truths from her ordinary days.  One of the last books of 2013 that I read was Alisa […]

Holding Onto Hope Throughout the Year

Whether you brought the new year in with the bang of fireworks or in a more subdued manner, the start of another year stirs up euphoria and optimism quite like no other time. Stepping into the new year has the masses pledging to be better….do better. Whether we dress them in things called resolutions or […]

When Until Seems So Long

You ever have those messages that haunt you at every turn? They pop up in the latest devotional reading, the pastor’s sermon, a casual conversation with a friend. Sure the words are not exactly the same but the reoccurring theme doesn’t escape your attention. Perhaps He repeats these messages so that they may seep deep […]