Digging into God’s Word With Others

Having a Christian mother, the church has been a part of my life since birth. And I was well acquainted with hearing scriptures and being instructed to “read my Bible.” Yet it would take years before it really resonated with me. The first Bible I purchased which set a flame my love for God’s Word […]

Planning For Success

Am I the only one that finds it hard to believe that summer is almost OVER! In just a few short days, I will hear that familiar sound of the bus whirl by my house as it whisks off to pick up the neighborhood children full of new school year jitters. Although my home is […]

PrayerBowls Giveaway

“Susan’s husband is sick. Be praying for him.” “Pray that my daughter finds a job.” Hardly a week goes by without me hearing about the needs or a special request of family members or friends. I turn on the news and see the reports of tragedies. All things I silently pray for at the moment […]

Showcase Your Holiday Spirit

With the fall weather barely settling in here in Arkansas, it’s hard to get my mind to thinking about pulling down all my holiday trinkets in preparation for decorating for Christmas. And let’s not forget that we haven’t even cross over into the month of November or gathered around the table with our loved ones […]