Fighting Anxiety With Gratitude

Mom, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, entrepreneur, co-worker, ministry leader, friend… We women wear many hats. And the constant juggle between them all puts many demands on our time and focus. With so much competing for our attention, it’s easy to find ourselves being anxious. A job interview… Tension in a marriage… An unexpected financial crisis… […]

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Course

Interested in learning to podcast, improving your writing skills, being a better homemaker, or creating catchy graphics…regardless of your interest, odds are there’s a course for that. Online courses and ebooks are quite popular. Gone are the days when you needed to enroll in a class at the local university to explore your creative interests. […]

Blogging A to Z: Essential Blogging Terms to Know – Part 3

Ever heard a friend, coworker, or speaker casually use a word that everyone else in the room seemed to know? Leaving you feeling out of the loop and uninformed.  As a newbie blogger, it’s easy to get lost in all the blogging lingo. Our Blogging A to Z series features essential blogging terms every beginning […]

Blogging A to Z : Key Terms You Should Know Part 2

Having trouble getting your mind wrapped around all the blogging jargon? Well with our back to blogging school series, we are here to clear up some of the confusion. Today we pick up from Blogging A to Z Part 1 to cover more essential blog vocabulary every blogger should know. The Blogging F’s Favicon – a […]