Mirror Mirror on the Wall

On my way to work I usually will put on our local Christian radio station and get my dose of positive energy for the day.  Lately, a bit of daily advice has been blasting through the airwaves and has caught my attention. The radio personality talks about “taking a look in the mirror” and being […]

A Little Short of Fabulous

I started brainstorming for this blog post and I was stumped…I wanted it to be something moving…great…perhaps even beautiful! And somewhere along the way it just didn’t come to me.  I sat…stared at my screen…typed…deleted…typed again and then shut down my computer.   I was discouraged. I had writers block. What could I write that […]

Closer to God Through Travel

We all find ourselves feeling closer to God in different ways…for you it might be reading a spiritual book on His love for us, for others it is worship music and for some it is fellowship at church…it varies from person to person and there is no right or wrong way to experience this. For […]

How to Better Connect Blogging with Your Faith

Today our lives are connected by all that we share with others online. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Websites, Pinterest…and the list goes on. These outlets are used to reach thousands of friends, readers, and Google searchers…social media it is a powerful tool. As a Christian blogger and small business owner, I constantly need to […]

God’s Love for Women

I have been reading and researching information on women in the Bible, their roles, and how they were viewed during biblical times. I find those with more of an agnostic spiritual view and background will commonly take small pieces of scripture and turn it around to make it sound like God was looking to be-little […]