You Are Set Apart

I recently did a blog on my website titled “How Do You Know” where I spoke on love, relationships, and where God fits in. I touched based on purity and soul ties. Before we begin I would like readers to know I have not always stood for purity, I am a single unwed mother of […]

Blessed by Brokenness

When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago, I thought my life had come to a complete stop. At twenty-six years old, my mother was helping me dress every morning because my joints were so inflamed by the chronic illness that it hurt too much to move. Even putting socks on my […]


Sometimes words land heavy as they speak sharp truth, and I wrestle with how they touch the deepest part of me. I want them to have soft edges so I can skim over them and feel good as they roll off my tongue. But today, the words “Hard Love” grab me and won’t let go. […]

Why Me, God?

Is your life like mine, marked by too many sad stories, too many bad choices? Does your heart look like someone is using it for target practice? Starting in early childhood, my heart was wounded. I was ridiculed for the way I looked, being skin and bones with a fair, freckled complexion. I didn’t go […]

Leading With Rejection

My mother was the youngest one of two older sisters who wrongfully despised her because of the differences she possessed. She was despised among her sister’s because she did not resemble or share any of their characteristics. They couldn’t comprehend why my mother had to be the distinctively different one of the bunch. But I’ve […]