I Do! But How Did I Do It? Confessions of a Bride on a Budget

When I first got engaged I was thrilled – the man of my dreams (hilarious, hard-working, soft-hearted, God fearing, wonderful all-around) wanted to spend his entire life with ME! We had been dating for 2 years at that point, and I was so ready to say, “I Do!” I immediately got into planning mode and […]

Your Unfailing Love// Psalm 6

This is the cry of my heart, perhaps to give you some hope and some joy. Lately, I have been struggling with sadness, some days it’s hard to keep myself together. I like to cry, and sometimes I guess I am searching for pity. I do not know how to control these things when they […]

Setting Healthy Boundaries

I am a chronic people pleaser and introvert. Life experiences have taught me the necessity of learning how to set healthy boundaries, and I unapologetically admit, it has been quite challenging. The difficulty comes from trying to balance kindness, goodness, and gentleness with saying no, articulating my needs and speaking up for myself when I […]


Uncertainty hangs on my life like a vague, white fog. A fog I’ve become familiar with; my friendly fog. A few days ago, we ventured into the wilderness of Buffalo Peaks. A beautiful, clear day met us with chilly, yet refreshing arms. We meandered up a trail of broken sticks, soft dirt and the occasional […]