Guest Post

Am I Looking for Purpose in the Wrong Places?

“Am I going to do this for the rest of my life?” For almost four years, that thought crept into my mind every day as I drove around town for lunch. I always felt guilty — selfish even — just for thinking about it. I had a career in human resources. I made enough to […]

We Watched As God Answered Our Prayers

Sometimes, it seems the whole world turns to prayer. Last summer, God answered. As a watching world cried out for the safe rescue of the young Thai football team trapped inside the Tham Luang caves, God heard our prayers. Where were you when it happened? When teenage boy after teenage boy defied all probability and […]

Writing theologically accurate lyrics for praise and worship songs

While writing a new song for the church recently, I found myself wanting a word that rhymed with ‘darkness’. ‘Harness’? ‘Unto us’? There didn’t seem to be many choices. I turned to the person I was sitting with and exclaimed, ‘if only there had been an apostle Marcus!’ Well, that sounds ridiculous, but it did […]

My Life as a Balloon

I would never have dreamed I would be as free as a helium balloon let loose to fly to the wild blue yonder. As a fourth generation pastoral family in one denomination, I never realized I would be letting the air out of one balloon and blowing up another. Letting Go As we searched for […]