A Changed Heart on Display

I was cold-hearted toward him in high school and treated him badly. If I could, I would apologize. That was my thought when my father told me he had seen an old boyfriend of mine, some fifteen years after our relationship ended. Lots of life had happened in those years. I was now married with […]

Look Backward to Look Forward

As my dad threw me the car keys he said, “Take this deposit to the bank as quickly as you can. It closes soon.” I was home from college and hurried out to our narrow driveway, choosing my mom’s station wagon as it was last in the line of family vehicles. The carline starting on […]

WELL: Healing Our Beautiful, Broken World from a Hospital in West Africa

WELL is a new book by Sarah Thebarge, author of The Invisible Girls: A Memoir. I received this book from FaithWords/Hachette Book Group in exchange for a review. Summary:  Thebarge studied medicine for the express purpose to help underserved populations in developing countries. After a personal health crisis delayed this dream for several years, she finally […]

When Hurricanes Hit and Flood Waters Rise, Watch Your F-Words

The statistics for 2017 Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are too overwhelming to completely understand: 132 mph winds over Texas for 200 miles 185 mph winds over Florida and Caribbean for 790 miles 51.0 inches/19 trillion gallons rain in TX, 5.5 trillion gallons in Louisiana from Harvey 10 trillion gallons rain from Irma 336,000 people in […]

Kids Win When Teachers and Parents Team Up

The little girl’s eyes watched carefully as her parents met her kindergarten teacher for the first time. She noticed the handshakes and adult smiles. She heard her mother laugh when the teacher told a funny story about chasing a stray dog out of the classroom when setting up for the new year. Slowly, the little […]