Don’t Get it Twisted: Holding on to Truth

We’ve all probably heard of how God is great at turning negative situations into lessons or blessings that work for our good. So, what about those times when the opposite seems to happen? You gain a close friend, and then the relationship becomes toxic. You get that dream job, but then it starts to really […]

Stop Playing While Hurt

I grew up playing basketball. For about 10 years, it was a substantial part of my life. Outside of school and church, it practically was my life. It made me stronger physically and tougher mentally. Not every aspect of the “ball life” impacted me positively, however. In the basketball world- well, in sports in general-, […]

Value in the Vessel

In my daily walk with God, I often feel intimidated or unworthy because of what I see others doing around me. I see other Christians planting churches or starting podcasts or generating their own nonprofit organizations. If I’m honest, it sometimes makes me feel like I’m not doing enough, like I somehow lose worth as […]

How to Spend Your “God Time”

We’re into the second month of a new year! This tends to be the time when resolutions start to straggle, goals might begin to wither, and new routines begin to sag. This doesn’t have to be the case, of course, but it’s true that several people struggle to keep up with the changes right about […]

What Happens When God Says “No”?

This semester, having moved to a new area, my main prayer has been for community. I have been praying this consistently for the past 12 weeks. Actually, I started praying about this before I even left home. I knew this was something important, something I needed, so I wanted to be prepared. Well, it’s now […]